Current Projects

All But Evident – Disgraced CID DS Malkie McCulloch returns from medical leave following the death of his mother in a house fire. When his comeback case starts to unravel, he must fight his own prejudices to pursue the ugly truth behind an attempted murder, and the uglier truth about himself.

A dark tale of personal bias and weakness, and one fractured man’s desperate struggle to find some small scrap of worth in himself, before he sinks forever.

Sleeping Dogs – A grey-haired old woman is attacked in her own home, but the attacker is found dead nearby, and the old lady has disappeared. CID DS Malkie McCulloch soon suspects there’s something far more sinister going on than simple robbery, and that little old Miss Lillian Crosbie isn’t the sweet old lady her neighbours thought she was.

A story about an ugly past, awakened against all better judgement, and the even uglier damage which that single foolish action inflicts on those dragged into the aftermath.