Stories Alberto Gonzalez Amante MacDuff – Albert’s the kind of old man you’d pass by on the street without seeing. He gets by, manages, just about keeps body and soul together. But once a month he transforms, and becomes the Great Don Alberto Gonzales Amante MacDuff – lover, fighter, breaker of hearts.

Published in 2018 and available in paperback from Amazon US. On Tuesday – Rachel meant to tell her father something years ago. Something important. Something father really should have heard. And today, Rachel finally gets her chance. Farewell Gift (A darker Twice On Tuesday) – Abigail fought hard to escape the estates, realise her dreams of becoming an elite Diktariat agent. But before she can finish growing up, before she can feel completely in charge of her own destiny, she has to endure one last trip home, one last meeting with mother.

Published in 2015 and available in paperback from Amazon US. You Wish For (coming soon) – Simon has always loved the tarn, high in the hills of the Lake District. Especially in the middle of clear, cloudless, moonlit nights. But one night his trip ends with a gift, something he’d come to wish he could give back.

Discomfort Zone (coming soon) – Priorities are always a moveable feast …